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About Us

Our history, and who we are today

Fast is a company that is run and owned by active partners and contract managers. The partners have their background from the companies Regnskapsfabrikken AS and AccountOnIt AS. In 2008, both companies merged, becoming the first major accounting firm to adopt the web-based financial system

The company has evolved since then to become the first “paperless” accounting firm in Norway, and since 2006 they have placed great emphasis on their own methodology and “best practices”. In 2010, the company was acquired by the world’s largest consulting company PriceWaterhousCoopers, and changed its name to PwC Accounting.

In 2013, Fast Accounting AS was founded by three key employees from PwC Accounting, with the stated goal of simplifying the customer’s finances. They wanted to achieve this by offering weekly up-to-date accounting, tailor-made division of work between customer and consultant, as well as active use of web-based applications that integrated and automated document flow and bookkeeping to the greatest possible extent.

In 2018, Fast Accounting changed its name to Fast Solutions. This was to show the company’s ambition towards a more comprehensive customer and solution orientated approach – focusing on change, quality assurance and automation.

The goal is clear; to give the customer the best continuous overview and control over the company’s finances.

Fast Solutions AS currently have about 25 dedicated employees, of whom 5 are authorized accountants, and 4 are MSc / Master of Business Administration. We are located in Kristiansand, Oslo and Stavanger, and our working language is Norwegian, English and German.

Our Services 

We work at a fixed price

Volatile and unplanned fees have been a major challenge for the accounting industry, as well as a clear frustration for the industry’s customers. Fast wants to provide predictability to its customers and therefore commits to a fixed monthly fee based on an agreed volume and an agreed service level. Through up-to-date accounting, agreed deadlines, methodical implementation, and periodic reviews with our customers, we ensure control and overview of your company’s finances.

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We simplify and streamline

Digitization and automation in accounting is something everyone in the industry is talking about. The key employees at Fast have been working on this since 2006 to create the first paperless and cloud-based accounting firm in Norway. Our vision has always been to simplify and streamline our customers’ everyday lives. We undertake a comprehensive approach and focus on continuous improvement, as well as utilize our own methodology and “best practices”.

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We know your industry

At Fast, we are committed to understanding our customers’ specific challenges. These are often related to the industry, market and customers. Our experience from different companies within the same industry allows us to us to improve our advisory services. Our insight into various industry systems, and focus on integrations and data flow enables us to help our clients increase their efficiency and quality.

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We run payroll and annual settlement

Payroll is a field of expertise that requires comprehensive knowledge of rules, from different compensation forms to accounting and reporting routines. Annual reporting is another area that requires continuous skill development. Fast has the expertise that ensures a productive collaboration with both auditing and legal entities, as well as advisory experience. 

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We are international

Does your company have foreign ownership, significant trade with other countries, or ambitions for a market beyond Norway’s borders? Fast can offer employees with good language skills, and extensive experience in VAT, customs declarations, payroll processing of foreign workers, consolidation and integration with subsidiaries, etc. Through our own dedicated staff, we can take on a wide range of financial-administrative tasks..

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