FAST International / ybiN AS is a Norwegian Authorized Accounting Firm based in Oslo. ybiN stands for »Your Business In Norway«. We offer professional coaching for your business in Norway.

Everyone who is engaged in business activity in Norway or on the Norwegian Continental Shelf must register in some way with the Norwegian authorities. This can simply be an application for an organization number, or a full scale registration establishing a limited company, which triggers the obligation to pay corporation tax on profits. Like any other country, Norway has a number of laws and a maze of rules that are difficult to deal with without expertise and a basic knowledge of the Norwegian language. We invite you to a meeting in our office in Central Oslo or to an informal phone call. We can discuss your needs and find an appropriate and cost-efficient solution to meet your requirements in all matters related to VAT, tax, payroll and accounting. With more than ten years of experience our CEO Cornelius Häusler can act as your VAT agent.


FAST International / ybiN is not only a provider of first-class tax, accounting and payroll services. We also see our role as a sounding board for international companies operating in the Norwegian market. The authorized accountants in the firm can assist you in identifying an appropriate organizational form, dealing with administrative hurdles and filing VAT and corporate tax returns. What distinguishes us from many of our competitors is our wider approach, taking in more than just tax and accounting. A key part of our strategy is to assist our clients with all problems that might arise in Norway. Either we deal with them ourselves or we refer you to a professional partner. We are a small-sized company which enables us to treat every client personally. As our client you will deal with one consultant who will make every effort to provide all the services you might require. We are pro-active, meaning we try to see and inform you about problems before they arise. It is easy to reach us and you can expect an answer to e-mail enquiries within 24 hours.

VAT legislation in Norway

Many abroad companies are not aware of the fact that rendering services in Norway triggers the obligation to register for VAT in the country. Rendering services inside the Norwegian borders is subject to VAT even if the service period is only one day. An exception only exists for so called remote services (services that can be delivered from abroad, e.g. solicitor services) and labour contracting. Also the delivery of goods to Norway can, under certain circumstances, trigger VAT registration obligation.

According to § 2-1 Norwegian VAT law companies have to register immediately after the turnover in Norway has passed the limit of NOK 50.000. Once the company is VAT registered, it is obliged to calculate VAT on its sales invoices, to report the VAT and to pay it to the tax office. On the other hand, all VAT registered companies are entitled to get a refund for all input VAT paid to the suppliers.

Fast International / ybiN as your VAT agent

Companies rendering services in Norway and hence, obliged to VAT register, do not necessarily create a permanent establishment in the country. According  to § 2-1 (6) Norwegian VAT law companies without permanent establishment in Norway are obliged to proclaim a VAT agent. This makes it easier for the tax authorities to get in contact with the foreign company. The VAT agent is jointly liable for all unpaid VAT.

As your VAT agent we can help your company in all VAT related issues. We calculate and require the VAT from your Norwegian customers. We prepare VAT returns and get the refunds for input VAT.

For more information, we invite you to get in contact with us. Either by e-mail or phone!

We can assist you in fields such as:

Permanent establishment (PE)

Obligation to register for VAT

Taxability to Norway / corporation tax

Taxability to Norway / personal taxes

Preparation of tax returns

Annual accounts

Meeting your obligations as an employer can be incredibly daunting especially for foreign companies with employees working in Norway. Due to complicated legislation and constantly changing rules it is quite usual in Norway to outsource payroll services to a professional partner. 

Regular payroll administration for Norwegian “limited” companies (“AS)

Throughout the year, we will calculate your employees’ net pay, report the figures and information to the relevant authorities and provide you with payslips to pass on to your staff. We can calculate the tax and National Insurance deductions applicable. We will file bimonthly payroll returns and the year-end RF-1015 ‘Lønns- og trekkoppgave’ (Certificate of Pay and Tax Deducted). Late payments or underpayments of employers’ deductions can lead to hefty penalties, so we can help you avoid incurring these.


Every company from outside Norway offering services in Norway needs to report both contracts and employees. Information about contracts and employees used in
connection with a contract shall be reported using form RF-1199 ‘Information about contracts, contractors and employees’. We can assist you in completing the necessary forms and inform you of tax consequences for your company and your employees.

ID cards in construction business

All undertakings, both Norwegian and foreign, that perform work at building and construction sites are required to provide their employees with ID cards (Norwegian: “byggekort”). Without ID cards there is a risk that your employees will be denied access to the construction site. We can help you in the planning process and assist you with the procurement of the necessary ID cards to avoid delays or other problems in relation to your constructing work in Norway.

Our payroll services:

  • Payroll accounting (gross-net accounting) for each employee including support with the employees’ income statements
  • Filing of all necessary returns
  • Preparation of income tax certificates at year end or when an employee leaves the company
  • Preparation of a range of other certificates (such as sickness benefit, certificate of employment, etc.)
  • Archiving of payroll accounting documents as required by law
  • Support in case of income tax and social security audits
  • Assistance in relation to assignments, including RF 1199 filing
  • Ordering ID cars for construction business  

Via its associated company Fast Solutions AS, FAST International / ybiN provides accountancy services for both Norwegian and international companies. We cover the complete range of financial, accounting and reporting services including international management reporting in any major standards and tax reporting.

As one of very few companies Fast Solutions AS can offer accountancy services at a fixed monthly rate.

We work in the cloud! The complete document and voucher flow is electronic, manual transactions reduced to a minimum and the dream of a paperless world has become reality. Our customers have online access to their accounts and can easily download management reports with drill down functionality to view scanned invoices.

Compliance Services

If you don’t want to outsource your accounting function for your Norwegian subsidiary but doing the book keeping in a centralized system, ybin can offer you VAT and tax compliance services. We translate the accounts from foreign to Norwegian GAAP, we perform quality checks of your VAT accounting, file the necessary returns and make sure you fulfil your Norwegian tax and book keeping obligations.

We can offer:

Controller services

Company secretary services

CFO for hire

Budgeting work

IT and accounting system implementation



Cornelius Häusler er østerrisk, men bor i Norge. Han er siviløkonom med internasjonal erfaring innen regnskap, revisjon og økonomistyring. Har jobbet i syv forskjellige land og snakker flytende norsk, engelsk og tysk. Häusler har arbeidserfaring fra EY i fire land og som administrerende direktør i PWC-eide AccountOnIt Tax AS.

De siste 10 årene har han jobbet med rådgivning for utenlandske kunder innen avgift, skatt og etablering, både som gründer og konsulent. Han er lang erfaring innen MVA-representasjon i Norge.

Cornelius Häusler

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Fast Solutions

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Jasmin har mer enn 15 års erfaring fra ulike sektorer innen økonomi. Med sin Tyske opprinnelse, liker hun utfordringer og optimalisere prosesser og rutiner. Hun er veldig serviceinnstilt og liker å finne løsninger for sine kunder. Hun drar nytte av mange års erfaring innen rådgiving, regnskap og revisjon hos KPMG.

Da hun fikk sjansen til å dra til Norge, tok hun utfordringen på strak arm og trives nå veldig godt her. Jasmin kom til Norge i 2015 og begynte først i Oslo-avdelingen. Der hun raskt ble styremedlem i datterselskapet YBIN AS, i tillegg til sin jobb som regnskapskonsulent hos FAST ACCOUNTING AS. Diverse internasjonale kunder drar fordel av hennes regnskapsforståelse innen ulike rettssystemer. 
I 2017 flyttet Jasmin til Stavanger for å åpne en ny FAST-avdeling i Ipark.

Jasmin Krumbiegel

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Samuel er konsulent hos FAST og International / yBin.
Han kommer opprinnelig fra Portugal. Han har en BSc fra Catolica Lisboa, Portugal i Business og en MSc fra Universitetet i Mannheim, Tyskland i Business / Finance. Han jobbet fra 2014 til 2017 på Ernst and Young i Frankfurt, hovedsakelig med Assurance of Investment Funds and Banks.
Jeg har jobbet på FAST siden september 2017, og jeg gleder meg alltid til nye utfordringer.

Samuel Lopes

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Med lang erfaring fra bransjen, er Linxu en reser på å hjelpe deg og din bedrift med det du trenger på flere språk.

Linxu Han

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